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Entries: 56
02.03.2008 02:33, Bucky Hughes E-mail :
Very good site I will be back 4 sure

28.02.2008 05:31, Edward Hutton E-mail :
Outstanding site!!! This is the one I always refer to and recommend it to others. Keep up the great job, looking forward to future revisions.


Ed N3kex

06.01.2008 23:31, Gary E-mail :
I have a question. I have been listening to 159.045. It is the pa turnpike. Are the SP and other turnpike people on different freq. ? It seems like they call some central dispatcher but they seem not to talk to one another. Is that true? How does this work?

26.11.2007 02:37, Ron Frank E-mail :
Thank you for a terrific site. Ron, K3WJL

22.09.2007 01:05, DICK from CAMP HILL, PA E-mail :
Your DCNR relay name listing "BEAR CLAW" is incorrect,
the proper name is BEAR CAVE which is located at the
folllowing 40-20-47N;79-13-34W with a 2630'AMSL.
The relay was first installed in November 1969, having a RF output of 120 watts with a 5.25 dB gain antenna.
I was the Radio Engineer for the Bureau of Forestry
during the period 1964 to 1991. I trust this data will be helpful

19.09.2007 20:59, Karen E-mail :
Good stuff here. Been scanning for 30 years but just now checking out computer feeds.

13.09.2007 23:16, Bill E-mail Homepage :
Great updates on the NFL QB Radios.

Contact me off-line at my web site, to get you some updates [DCS Tones]

13.09.2007 05:05, Mike from McKeesport,Pa :
Great site you have.. Thanks for the info..

25.08.2007 13:49, Electrish :
Thanks for your hard work, helped me out a lot.

20.08.2007 15:21, Bob E-mail :
Great site. Please let me know if you find any clubs that are geared towards Military back-pack radios.

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Entries: 56

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