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19.11.2010 20:58, Herb KA3WSO from Fayette City PA E-mail :
Absolutely a great site. Could you put on some more freq for Fayette County, like you did for Washington County??? Keep up the good work. Herb

08.11.2010 11:12, Jim from Bethel Park :
Great site. By far the best for finding frequencies and links to other resources.


06.10.2010 13:51, Bob Casino from Dobbs Ferry,NY E-mail :
Great site where I need to find info I always been coming here and get it. Great job and I know many hours, thanks. Bob.

21.09.2010 03:38, Tom Carlisle from Plum Borough,PA E-mail :
I listen to the scanner net on Sunday evenings and find it very informitive. Thank you for having it.
I have been doing scanning since the crystal days and also hold an old C-B call sign of KWJ1900.
Again thanks for the scanner net and this informative web site.

19.08.2010 19:51, Jim Thomas from Wheeling WV. E-mail :
great sight i use it all the time. been passing it on to all my friends GREAT JOB!!!!!!

26.06.2010 19:38, richard schussler from east pittsburgh ,pa E-mail :
best site ive ever seen, excellent job!

07.04.2010 09:22, Stephen from Wallingfrod, CT E-mail :
Live audio from the Wallingford Fire Dept in Wallingford CT apps/audio/?feedId=3218

23.03.2010 16:51, Patrick L Johns from Adrian, Pa 16210 E-mail :
I liked your page. Hope to see some topic on
ham radio. Mean while keep up the good work.
Thanks Pat W3PAT

14.02.2010 05:07, Bob Jones from Overbrook, Pittsburgh, PA E-mail :
Awesome site. Great work. Thank you for all you do.

09.02.2010 11:54, Tweaker007 from Kiski-Valley E-mail :
Super Site! Saved to Favs instantly! Keep up the great work and Thank You! Susan

Page: < 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 >
Entries: 56

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